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Enjoy a pleasant meal in a smart but relaxed atmosphere

Specialities cooked over a wood fire

The cosy environment of the restaurant with traditional wood features is warmed by a spit for roasting chickens, a house speciality since 1964.

The rustic dining room extends onto a veranda overlooking the kitchen garden of Château de Dully.

The specials menu, while brief, has underpinned the success and renown of the restaurant for several decades: chicken and lamb over a wood fire, crispy rostis, trout meunière, stuffed tomatoesand the indispensable custard tart!

The great success of "tarte à rien"

It is half a century since the Charrières started serving custard tart in their Auberge de Dully. Explaining the myth behind a dessert with a thousand variations :

It's been around a while: in 1958, André and Bernadette Charrière from Fribourg who were then working in Calcutta, bought the Auberge de Dully, a tavern dating from 1840. And, from first opening, Bernadette offered a custard tart as a dessert, made to a recipe from André's mother: in the district of Broye, it was called "tarte à rien" ("nothing tart"), because it was so delicate and caramelised.

Banquet menu on offer

"Menu for 15 persons - and the same menu for all guests!"

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